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Working Upper Back

Working on posterior legs.

If you are considering getting a massage or have made an appointment for your first massage, here is what to expect.

Since Massage Therapy is considered Healthcare in most states, you will be asked to complete an Intake Form which includes simple health history. it is important to let your Massage Therapist about any current or past medical conditions; some conditions are not compatible with massage.This help our MT plan an appropriate session for you.

At Well Being Massage Therapy there are no “One Size Fits All” massage sessions. An experienced MT will tailor your session to meet your specific needs. 

Some Massage Therapy practices now use an electronic Intake Form, which can be completed online. before your appointment. If tis available, complete it before your  appointment time, and you get more time on the table. 

When you have your first appointment, your MT will review your intake information,and may have questions to clarify before you get on the table. This is the time for you to ask any questions you have.

You will then be asked to undress to your level of comfort. Some clients/patients are nude under the top sheet on the table; other leave underwear on. It about your comfort, not the MT’s convenience.

When you are ready get on the table as directed (face up, or face down typically) by getting under the top sheet, just like getting into bed.

                                                                During your treatment, you will always be provided with

                                                                appropriate draping; that is, only the body part being worked (like

                                                                a leg) will be uncovered. At Well Being Massage Therapy

                                                          (     (WBMT), I follow the American massage Therapy Association’s

                                                                draping guidelines in the Code of Ethics.

                                                                Touch is the key to an effective massage. You may find deeper

                                                                 pressure more to your liking, or lighter touch. Your MT will has about pressure; let him/her know if pressure is too much or too little. This kind of communication is essential to the process.

Massage Therapy is absolutely non-sexual. If something feels wrong in this way, it may be unintentional or a matter of degree. Always let your MT know if something feels uncomfortable so he or she can adjust technique.

When it’s time to turn over, always turn away from the side where your

MT is standing. This way there is less chance of being exposed.

When the session is over your MT will let you know, leave the treatment

room so you can dress. Get up slow;y. Because massage can lower

blood pressure, you may feel light headed. Open the door slightly to let

your MT know you are dressed.

Your MT may have suggestions (stretches, doctor referrals, etc) for you so after the session, so don’t run out the door. Self care suggestions may be offered.

Finally: Tipping. At WBMT, tipping is neither expected nor solicited.

Draping a Client

Your First Massag?
Here’s What to Expect at Well Being Massage Therapy